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The University of Western Australia Student Chapter is located in Perth, Western Australia. We are a rapidly expanding group within a vibrant geophysical community. We participate in numerous industry and community events and are always open to interaction with the larger geophysics community, including other student chapters, industry and the greater community. The UWA student chapter can be reached by emailing [email protected]. Information and updates are regularly posted on the Facebook page UWA SEG Student Chapter.

The Chapter reached Summit level for the first time in 2017.

The University of Western Australia Student Chapter
University The University of Western Australia
President N/A
Faculty Advisor N/A
Country Australia
Status Inactive
Ranking Inactive

Current SEG Student Chapter Officers

President N/A
Vice-President N/A
Secretary/Treasurer N/A
Faculty Advisor N/A


The University of Western Australia (UWA) Student Chapter is involved in numerous activities throughout Western Australia promoting geosciences and community involvement. UWA was conducted numerous field studies around the Perth area relating to Aboriginal heritage sites. Recent projects to identify Aboriginal grave sites was featured in The Leading Edge.

The Student Chapter regularly hosts lecturers, including SEG Distinguished lecturers. When distinguished visitors come through Perth, we try to arrange a semi-private talk/discussion with the student chapter.

We participate annually in the 'Careers in Geoscience' night, hosted by Earth Science Western Australia where we discuss geoscience opportunities with high school and undergraduate students. We also perform demonstrations and show the use of GPR and near surface seismic tools to high school and undergraduates students during the University Open Days.


The UWA student chapter is always looking to collaborate domestically and internationally with other universities and chapters. Areas of potential collaboration are imaging projects, fields camps, and conferences.


The UWA SEG Student Chapter has access to a wide range of geophysical instruments through the Centre of Energy Geoscience and the National Geosequestration Laboratory. This includes seismic, GPR, magnetic, electromagnetic, resistivity, gravity, and DGPS equipment.

Student Research

A number of research fields are investigated by student members. These include 3D and 4D seismic imaging, CO2 sequestration, passive seismic, seismic monitoring, FWI, geophysical integration, etc.

Below is a partial list of current and former student member publications:

^Indicates graduated students

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