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{{{2}}} ({{{3}}})
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This template creates a numbered block which is usually used to number mathematical formulae. This template can be used together with {{EquationRef}} to produce nicely formatted numbered equations if a back reference to an equation is wanted.


Parameters {{{1}}}, {{{2}}}, and {{{3}}} of this template are required. In addition, there are two optional parameters {{{RawN}}} and {{{LnSty}}}.
{{{1}}}: Specify indentation. The more colons (:) you put, the further indented the block will be, up to a limit of 20. This parameter can be empty if no indentation is needed.
{{{2}}}: The body or content of the block.
{{{3}}}: Specify the block number.
{{{RawN}}}: Assigned with a non-empty or non-whitespaced string to remove the formatting on the number and the parentheses surrounding the number.
{{{LnSty}}}: Specify the line style.
{{{Border}}}: If set, put a box around the equation. (Experimental.)