Tape Recorder Model 17373 1/2 in

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Item Tape Recorder Model 17373 1/2 in
Item code
Description In Aluminum Case
Manufacturer Teledyne Geotech
Donor Marathon Oil
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH895

Tape deck was unique to the portable application by having the Supply and Take Up reels on the one spindle (on top of each other). 7 track ½ inch, (vs 9 track). Cannon plug input for geophones and a Amphenol Connector for output. (Playback). Geotech Geothermal Ground Noise Survey System provides a practical means for determining the particular seismic noise patterns of geothermal regions. Geotech Model S-13 is a high resolution seismometer. It features adjustable natural frequency from 0.75 to 1.1 Hz (typical 1.0 Hz).