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Although it is nice to see sim sources gets a wiki page, I have a number of comments:

1) The references and citations are not balanced and representative of the work that has been published on sim sources. Indeed, I suspect the reference list gives a strong indication of who the author of the wiki page might be! I view this as quite a serious omission or imbalance that should be corrected.

2) It is also asserted in the article that despiking and median filtering methods dominate the separation techniques. While some may use such methods, this is not generally true since many use considerably more sophisticated methods. For example, it is much more representative to use sparsity promoting inversion (see Akerberg et al, or works by Ian Moore) or iterative thresholded separation (See one of several papers by for example Ray Abma or Panos Doulgeris).

3) It is also asserted in this article that Least Squares Migration is used to image the blended data. While some may try this, or even try other forms of migration with a plurality of source terms, the issue of cross feed remains and has to be dealt with in the imaging condition. This is pretty much equivalent to having to deal with the same crossfeed problem before migration.

It is best not to consider crossfeeed as noise to be removed, but as signal from the other source(s) that has to be explained. The methods of Akerberg et al, Moore et al, Abma and Doulgeris et al all take this approach by posing the forward problem and then performing a regularised inversion.

Gary Hampson DownUnder Geosolutions