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List of expectations

Our overarching goal for the wiki biographer is to produce 10 featured article biographies. We are in the process of finalizing the “Featured article” criteria, but you can explore the working guidelines. For the wiki biography editor position our overarching goal is to copy edit 100 biographies.

The expectation is for 1-2 hours a week. This includes any one-on-one time spent with myself or Isaac discussing your work. There are no expectations on how to break up your time throughout the week. We do not expect you to meet with us weekly (though you are welcome to), but we do expect you to stay in touch in some manner weekly, via email, on the wiki, or the phone.

The wiki staff will hold webinars to train volunteers and provide support as needed. We are also willing to connect you with other volunteers and make other connections as requested and we deem possible.

As for the biographies to add, the description of this position lays out these expectations and guidelines well. If at any point you are not sure if a person should have a biography on the wiki, please alert me. Examples of new biographies may include SEG book authors, past presidents, and speakers in the Distinguished Lecture Program and the Honorary Lecture Program. We have a preference in adding women and non-North American bios. New bios also do not necessarily have to have an affiliation with SEG.

An ideal biography would also include some form of multimedia, e.g., an interview or a video. We can assist you in this regard as necessary. (As an aside, Isaac and I are currently producing an SEG podcast. We would gladly provide any contact info we have and introduce you to others and may have recordings you can use based on the bios you choose to add.)

SEG will gladly assist you in providing any information and resources we have as you develop your biographies. If you need access to an article on SEG’s Digital Library for example, we will provide it. We will also provide any support around contributing to the wiki, recording interviews, creating videos, or other tools and resources you might need to create a biography.

Other expectations include:

  • Ensuring new biographical content is clear, concise, and focused on SEG and the wiki's mission
  • Placing emphasis on establishing bi-directional linking between the SEG Wiki and other SEG products and services
  • Will have opportunity to participate and contribute at SEG meetings and events and the Wiki Committee
  • Direct report: SEG publications outreach editor

The ending date is 9 September, though if you would like to continue as a volunteer after this date you can. You would not have to reapply or go through any time of interview process.

Andrew (talk) 12:36, 22 June 2016 (CDT)