Subsalt Exploration and Development (SEG SRW 2010)

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SEG 2010 Summer Research Workshop
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Date 26-29 July 2010
Sponsor(s) CGG Veritas, Repsol, BP, Fairfield Nodal, ION GX Technology, Hess, PGS, TGS, WesternGeco, Petrobras, Total
Location Resort at Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe, CA

Four years later... what's new in acquisition, imaging, and interpretation?

A significant proportion of accessible hydrocarbon reserves today are thought to be in salt provinces where, historically, exploration and production has proved difficult. Five years ago, a workshop was held at the Colorado School of Mines to focus the R&D community on the problems of subsalt imaging where the salt came out a clear winner! A year later, in Snowbird’s SRW, there were some hints of light: results from early wide-azimuth acquisitions seemed promising, RTM was being talked about, and a number of ideas for subsalt velocity analysis were proposed. Since then, propelled by a massive spike in the price of oil, the salt provinces of the Gulf of Mexico have been carpeted with WAZ (several times over in places) and RTM has become everybody’s favorite imaging algorithm.

Drilling subsalt remains a risky and costly activity, proprietary WAZ acquisition is expensive and likely to remain so, some aspects of processing have not kept pace with the advances in acquisition, and it seems that WAZ + RTM is not an imaging panacea, with some subsalt images that are still less than adequate for E&P purposes.

This workshop reviewed the advances in subsalt imaging and analysis of the last half-decade, issues pertaining to these advances, and emerging techniques that address these issues.


CGG Veritas
Fairfield Nodal
ION GX Technology

Organizing committee

Bin Wang, Chair, TGS
Dimitri Bevc, FusionGeo
Paul Williamson, Total
Graham Winbow, ExxonMobil
Ricardo Rosa, Petrobras
Biondo Biondi, Stanford U
Ian Jones, ION-GXT
Jacques Leveille

Technical Program

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Subsalt Exploration and Development (SEG SRW 2010)
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