Statics corrections and frequency-wavenumber filtering

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Seismic Data Analysis
Series Investigations in Geophysics
Author Öz Yilmaz
ISBN ISBN 978-1-56080-094-1
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It should be noted that coherent linear noise on shot gathers can be influenced kinematically by surface topography and a near-surface refractor geometry. Specifically, linearity of the coherent noise may be distorted across a shot record. Distortions along a linear event in the t − x domain cause smearing of energy over a broad range of wavenumbers in the f − k domain. This, in turn, would make it difficult to specify a pass-fan for reflection energy. It can be concluded that statics corrections, at least in the form of field statics, should be applied to shot records prior to f − k filtering.

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Statics corrections and frequency-wavenumber filtering
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