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(ar’ chēz) Empirical relationships between the formation factor F (sometimes FR), porosity φ, water saturation Sw, and resistivities R. In clean granular rocks,

FIG. A-17. Archie’s formula for different lithologies. [1]


  • a = proportionality constant varying from 0.6 to 1.5,
  • m = cementation factor that varies between 1.3 and 3,
  • n = saturation exponent, often assumed to be 2,
  • Ro = resistivity of the formation when 100% saturated with formation water,
  • Rw = resistivity of the formation water,
  • Rt = true resistivity of the formation.

Archie’s law assumes that m=2 and a=1.
The Humble formula assumes that m=2.15 and a=0.65.
Values of a and m for different lithologies are shown in Figure A-17.
Named for Gus E. Archie, American engineer and geologist.



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