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The CWP/SU: Seismic Un*x package is an open source seismic research, processing, and educational package developed largely at the Colorado School of Mines, based on a small collection of code from Stanford University. The package contains a large variety of research and processing tools related to wave propagation and seismic imaging.


"Seismic Unix is unique project. In the 1970s a fellow named Einar Kjartannson created some codes in C for reading and manipulating SEG Y format data. This embryonic package became part of Stanford Exploration Projects' SEPlib (called SY in that package). In the mid 1980s Shuki Ronen brought SY to the Colorado School of Mines. He and Jack K. Cohen (one of the founders of the Center for Wave Phenomena) rewrote part of this creating the SU package. I was involved in that program from about 1989 to the present. I helped Jack Cohen with the package. Jack's vision was that the package would be a seismic processing and research software line that would be used by expert users in the E&P industry and some academics.

My vision was that it should be something that would be more widely used, so I worked to make the package portable to all Unix and Unix-like environments.

I became PI of the projected when Jack Cohen passed away in 1996. The package is now about 5 times bigger in terms of the number of codes. The known number of users is in the thousands, and the known sites were the package has been installed is at least 82 countries and territories in the world. "

John Stockwell, 2/24/2015


Semillero Geofísica UIS

  • Seismic processing using Seismic Unix, part 1

  • Seismic processing using Seismic Unix, part 2

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