Scale Transit Lines

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Item R.H. Ray Scale Transit Lines by Lat and Dep
Item code
Description by latitudes and Departures
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG5053

Plotting Transit Lines by Latitudes and Departures. This method consists in selecting one of the stations as a reference point (origin) and plotting each of the other stations by its total distance East or West, and its total distance North or South of the reference point (Origin). These two coordinate distances by which each station is plotted are obtained from the latitudes and departures. For purposes of plotting, it makes no difference which station is chosen as a reference point; it is well to select the most westerly station, especially as this is done when areas are computed from latitudes and departures. Note: Except in compass surveys the bearings used in computing latitudes and departures are always calculated bearings based upon a magnetic, a true, or a assumed meridian, and upon the adjusted or final values of traverse angles.