San Antonio-Nueces Basin

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The Nueces River Basin, The Nueces-Rio Grande Coastal Basin, and The San Antonio-Nueces Basin and how they are positioned within the state of Texas


The San Antonio-Nueces Basin is a mostly coastal plain that covers about 3,100 square miles of Southern Texas on, or near the Gulf of Mexico. It covers all or parts of seven different counties: Karnes, Bee, Goliad, Refugio, Aransas, San Patricio, and Nueces counties. The basin also borders or includes many Bays: Copano Bay, Mesquite Bay, Hynes Bay, Aransas Bay, Redfish Bay, St Charles Bay, Nueces Bay, and northern part of Corpus Christi Bay. The basin does not have any major Texas cities within it and also has no major reservoirs. The San Antonio-Nueces basin borders the San Antonio River Basin to the north, the Lavaca-Guadalupe Coastal Basin to the northeast, Gulf of Mexico to the east, Nueces-Rio Grande Coastal Basin to the south, and the Nueces River Basin to the northwest. The major rivers in the basin are the Mission River, which runs southeast, and the Aransas River, which runs south, and both rivers flow into Copano Bay.

Primary Risks and Uncertainties

Some segments of the river's water are impaired by Enterococcus. Enterococcus are a disease causing bacteria that can cause a number of different infections for humans, which may be dangerous to people working with the water. Ortho Phosphorus is also a concern in other areas of the rivers within the basin.

The 7 different counties along with the different bays and river systems within the San Antonio-Nueces basin.

Petroleum Elements

There is no Seal, Source Rock, Migration, Reservoir, or Trap within the San Antonio-Nueces basin since there are no petroleum components present.

Future Petroleum Potential of Area

There is no future petroleum extraction in this basin because it contains no petroleum elements.

Other Information

The San Antonio-Nueces Basin has several state parks within it: Mustang Island State Park, the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Copano Bay Pier State Park, Fulton Mansion State Park, and Goose Island State Park. The Nueces River Authority, or NRA, is responsible for the CRP (Clean Rivers Program) monitoring in the San Antonio-Nueces Basin and tests are conducted quarterly. Petrochemical industries are fairly popular near Corpus Christi Bay, but the most dominant industries within the basin are farming and ranching.

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