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SEG Suez University Student Chapter is a Student community dedicated to promoting the science and education of exploration geophysics in particular and geophysics in general, as well as teaching student useful non-technical skills like communication skills, Negotiation skills, presentation skills and much more all according to the communities demands and requirements and we always strive to push the limits of student capabilities in creating intricate events that have extending impact to the entirety of the National technical fields and the international student communities.

2020-2021 Season

Address:  Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering Suez University El-salam 1 43511 Suez Egypt, Arab Republic[1]


SEG was founded in Dec 6, 2017


SEG's SU members totaled more than 55 member for the 2020-2021 season

Examples of Events and Activities

Kick off III[2]

-self Motivation

- overcoming overthinking

- planning & Time management

- Creative thinking

- Emotional intelligence

- Online Learning

- Communication skills

- Public speaking

- Leadership

- Negotiation & persuation

NPIS ( National Petroleum Industry Summit )[3]

Our main topics are:

Reservoir Modelling

Drilling Fluids.

Well Test.

English Course[4]

Common mistakes and casual english .

 A smart way to enlarge vocabulary.

 Evolve your speaking & listening skill .

 Free talk and questions.

Wierline Logging Course[5]

Introduction to G&G exploration and production cycle.

Formation evaluation for static and dynamic models construction.

Gamma Ray Log.

Density Log.

Resistivity Log.

Sonic Log.

Quick Look log Interpretation.

Well log uncertainty and calibration methods.

Petrel well correlation practice.

Egyptian Earth Science Week "Earth Materials in our lives"[6]

As an initiative from SEG Tanta by cooperation with SEG chapters in the Egyptian Universities as Suez, Mansoura, Cairo, Assuit and Azher (Cairo and Assuit) to make the Egyptian Earth Science Week (EESW) as a simulation to the one organized by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI).

The weeklong celebration, organized by SEG student chapters, offers resources, activities, and opportunities for all audiences. Geoscientists and students will help raise awareness of the relevance of earth materials to activities such as manufacturing, industry, transportation, food production, energy generation, and product recycling.

Initiate your future[7]

Career Coaching

Employment Skills



Future plans

Cv Writing

Interview Skills

Geo Bowl International Competition [8]

is an international collaborative competition testing student’s breadth and depth of knowledge about the field of Geo-science by SEG SU, SEG KBTU, SEG ASOIU and SEG MGRI Student chapters.

Which is considered a landmark in international coordination as it was organized by students from four different Countries


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