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The officers of SEG are charged with the administrative leadership of the organization and are answerable to the SEG Board of Directors. Throughout the history of SEG, several changes to the bylaws of the society have changed the numbers of officers as well a the name of the positions.

A change in the SEG bylaws in 2016 replaced the Editor position with the Vice President, Publications position on the SEG Board of Directors.

Year President President-elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer Vice President, Publications Past President Director at Large Chair of the Council
2018-2019 Robert R. Stewart Rick Miller Alexander Mihai Popovici (1st)

Manika Prasad (2nd)

Dorsey Morrow Dan Ebrom Sergey Fomel Nancy J. House Ruben Martinez
Paul Cunningham

Ken Tubman
Bob Brook Maria Angela Capello David Lumley

Gustavo J. Carstens
2017-2018 Nancy J. House Robert R. Stewart Madeline Lee (1st)

Alexander Mihai Popovici (2nd)

Dorsey Morrow M. Lee Bell Sergey Fomel Bill Abriel Rocco (Rocky) Detomo

Vladimir Grechka
Ruben Martinez
Paul Cunningham
Ken Tubman
Bob Brook

Lee Lawyer

Changes to the SEG Bylaws in 2012 established the Board of Directors as SEG's governing body. This change split the role of Secretary-Treasurer into two positions and added the Past-President, Director at Large, and Chair of the Council positions.

Year President President-elect Vice President Secretary Treasurer Editor Past President Director at Large Chair of the Council
2016-2017 Bill Abriel Nancy J. House Jie Zhang (1st)

Madeline Lee (2nd)

Dorsey Morrow M. Lee Bell Mauricio Sacchi John H. Bradford Maurice Nessim

Xianhuai Zhu
Rocco (Rocky) Detomo
Vladimir Grechka
Ruben Martinez
Paul Cunningham

Lee Lawyer
2015-2016 John H. Bradford Bill Abriel Eve Sprunt (1st)

Jie Zhang (2nd)

Dorsey Morrow Alison Weir Small Mauricio Sacchi Chris L. Liner Guillaume Cambois

Gustavo Carstens
Maurice Nessim
Xianhuai Zhu
Rocco (Rocky) Detomo
Vladimir Grechka

Lee Lawyer
2014-2015 Chris L. Liner John H. Bradford Robert R. Stewart (1st)

Eve Sprunt (2nd)

Steven H. Davis Alison Weir Small Evert Slob Don Steeples Edith J. Miller

Christine Krohn
Guillaume Cambois
Gustavo Carstens
Maurice Nessim
Xianhuai Zhu

Mike Graul
2013-2014 Don W. Steeples Chris L. Liner Dennis A. Cooke (1st)

Robert R. Stewart (2nd)

Steven H. Davis Gary G. Servos Evert Slob David J. Monk Alfred Liaw

Samir Abdelmoaty
Edith J. Miller
Christine Krohn
Guillaume Cambois
Gustavo Carstens

Mike Graul
2012-2013 David J. Monk Don Steeples Richard D. Miller (1st)

Dennis A. Cooke (2nd)

Steven H. Davis Gary G. Servos Tamas Nemeth Bob Hardage Peter Annan

Elsa J. Jaimes
Alfred Liaw
Samir Abdelmoaty
Edith J. Miller
Christine Krohn

Mike Graul

A change to the SEG Bylaws in 1986 included the participation of the President-Elect as a contributing SEG officer.

Year President President-elect Vice president Secretary-treasurer Editor
2011–2012 Bob A. Hardage David J. Monk William L. Abriel (1st)

Richard D. Miller (2nd)
Wafik B. Beydoun

Nancy J. House Tamas Nemeth
2010–2011 Klaas Koster Bob A. Hardage Mike Graul (1st)

Susan J. Webb (2nd)
Alfred Liang-Chi Liaw

John Eastwood Vladimir Grechka
2009–2010 Stephen Hill Klaas Koster David E. Lumley (1st)

John H. Bradford (2nd)
Arthur Cheng

Anna C. Shaughnessy Vladimir Grechka
2008–2009 Larry Lines Stephen Hill Bob Hardage (1st)

Mary Poulton (2nd) Paulo Johann

Ray Vogler Kees Wapenaar
2007–2008 Fred Aminzadeh Larry Lines Eugenio Loinger (1st)

Louise Pellerin (2nd)
Guillaume Cambois

Dan Ebrom Kees Wapenaar
2006–2007 Leon Thomsen Fred Aminzadeh Roy E. Clark Jr. (1st)

James W. Rector (2nd)
Panos G. Kelamis

Bradley A. Birkelo Yonghe Sun
2005–2006 Terry K. Young Leon Thomsen David J. Monk (1st)

Stephen H. Danbom (2nd) María Ángela Capello 

Frank D. Brown Yonghe Sun
2004–2005 Craig J. Beasley Terry K. Young Jerry M. Harris (1st)

William C. Pearson (2nd)
Klaas Koster 

Susan Mastoris Peebler Gerard T. Schuster
2003–2004 Peter M. Duncan Craig J. Beasley Brian R. Spies (1st)

William H. Green (2nd)
Leon Thomsen

Stephen J. Hill Gerard T. Schuster
2002–2003 Mike Bahorich Peter M. Duncan Wayne D. Pennington (1st)

Michal Ellen Ruder (2nd)
Ali Tura

John R. Sumner Gérard C. Herman
2001–2002 Walter S. Lynn Mike Bahorich Craig Beasley (1st)

Rosemary Knight (2nd)
Fred Aminzadeh

Terry K. Young Gérard C. Herman
2000–2001 Sally G. Zinke Walter S. Lynn Allen J. Bertagne (1st)

A. Peter Annan (2nd)
Yoram Shoham

Richard W. Verm Christopher L. Liner
1999–2000 William N. Barkhouse Sally G. Zinke Mike Bahorich (1st)

Zhijing (Zee) Wang (2nd)
Steven L. Roche

Jack A. Kruppenbach Christopher L. Liner
1998–1999 Brian H. Russell William N. Barkhouse John Castagna (1st)

Orlando E. Chacín (2nd)
Joel S. Watkins

Angie Stracner Larry Lines
1997–1998 Rutt Bridges Brian H. Russell Wulf F. Massell (1st)

Karen R. Christopherson (2nd)
Toshifumi Matsuoka

Steven R. Rutherford Larry Lines
1996–1997 Fred J. Hilterman Rutt Bridges Kay Dautenhahn Wyatt (1st)

Eulogio Del Pino (2nd)
Ingebret Gausland

Brian R. Spies Sven Treitel
1995–1996 Gordon M. Greve Fred J. Hilterman William N. Barkhouse (1st)

William H. Dragoset (2nd)
Norman F. Uren

Jack Caldwell Sven Treitel
1994–1995 James D. Robertson Gordon M. Greve Lynn D. Trembly (1st)

Louis I. Schneider Jr. (2nd)
Carlos A. da Costa

Vicki R. Messer Bob A. Hardage
1993–1994 Michael Schoenberger James D. Robertson Neal R. Goins (1st)

Brian H. Russell (2nd) Öz Yilmaz

Don E. Robinson Bob A. Hardage
1992–1993 Marion R. Bone Michael Schoenberger Rutt Bridges (1st)

Ian G. Jack (2nd)
Peter M. Duncan

Sally G. Zinke J. P. (Pat) Lindsey
1991–1992 William S. French Marion R. Bone James D. Robertson (1st)

Charles E. Edwards (2nd)
Philip R. Romig

Kathanne J. Lynch J. P. (Pat) Lindsey
1990–1991 H. L. (Bud) Grant William S. French Gordon M. Greve (1st)

Gary M. Hoover (2nd)
James P. DiSiena

Gene W. Sparkman Don W. Steeples
1989–1990 L. Decker Dawson H. L. Grant John L. DeVault (1st)

Thomas L. Davis (2nd)
William L. Baker

David H. Johnston Don W. Steeples
1988–1989 Ken Larner L. Decker Dawson Raymond C. Farrell (1st)

Russell D. Nash (2nd)
Lynne J. Edleson

Robert A. Wyckoff Michael Schoenberger
1987–1988 L. C. (Lee) Lawyer Ken Larner William S. French (1st)

A. R. Barringer (2nd)
James E. Fix

Gary J. Hoge Michael Schoenberger
1986–1987 Robert J. Graebner L. C. (Lee) Lawyer Donald W. Frye (1st)

Stanley S. Johnson (2nd)
Arthur S. Cramer Jr.

C. O. Smith Robert H. Stolt

The original SEG bylaws mandated the positions and terms of the SEG Officers. Originally these were SEG President, Vice President, Secretary-treasurer, and the SEG Editor.

Year President Vice president Secretary-treasurer Editor
1985–1986 Marvin R. Hewitt Valerie A. Neilson (1st)

Robert C. Dyer (2nd)
Owen B. Bennett

Hugh W. Hardy Robert H. Stolt
1984–1985 A. M. Olander Stanley B. Jones (1st)

John B. Corbett (2nd)
Marion R. Bone

L. Decker Dawson Stanley H. Ward
1983–1984 Thomas R. LaFehr Edwin B. Neitzel (1st)

James K. Grigsby (2nd)
John K. Costain

Margaret Marie Welch Stanley H. Ward
1982–1983 E. R. Brumbaugh Robert J. Graebner (1st)

Walter R. Fillippone (2nd)
Fred J. Hilterman

George A. McCalpin Gerald H. F. Gardner
1981–1982 Douglas D. Barman H. L. Grant (1st)

Marvin R. Hewitt (2nd)
William A. Schneider

A. M. Olander Gerald H. F. Gardner
1980–1981 Kevin M. Barry E. R. Brumbaugh (1st)

L. C. (Lee) Lawyer (2nd)
David W. Strangway

W. N. Rabey Pierre L. Goupillaud
1979–1980 Milo M. Backus S. W. Schoellhorn (1st)

Stanley H. Ward (2nd)
K. N. Burns

Dennis R. Mett Pierre L. Goupillaud
1978–1979 T. Norman Crook Ken Larner (1st)

Ben F. Giles (2nd)
J. Lamar Worzel

Eugene L. Current S. Norman Domenico
1977–1978 E. John Northwood Ben R. Howard (1st)

James R. Strawn (2nd)
George V. Keller

Richard E. Schneider S. Norman Domenico
1976–1977 Roy O. Lindseth T. Norman Crook (1st)

Kevin M. Barry (2nd)
Milo M. Backus

W. H. Reese Manus Foster
1975–1976 Robert B. Rice William E. Dulaney (1st)

Joseph W. Berg Jr.

H. R. McCormack Manus Foster
1974–1975 J. Dan Skelton Roy O. Lindseth (1st)

S. Parker Gay Jr.

J. Frank Rollins Aaron J. Seriff
1973–1974 Harold J. Kidder Donald M. Wagg (1st)

Douglas D. Barman

Elwin M. Peacock Aaron J. Seriff
1972–1973 Samuel J. Allen Robert E. Sheriff (1st)

J. Dan Skelton

William J. Zwart Thomas R. LaFehr
1971–1972 Carl H. Savit H. J. Kidder (1st)

Ralph C. Holmer

Alfred H. Balch Thomas R. LaFehr
1970–1971 W. B. Robinson Robert B. Rice (1st)

Samuel J. Allen

Jack D. Wallner Franklyn K. Levin
1969–1970 Milton B. Dobrin E. John Northwood (1st)

James R. Hunt

H. F. Patterson Franklyn K. Levin
1968–1969 W. Harry Mayne W. B. Robinson (1st)

George B. Hobson

James F. Johnson Carl H. Savit
1967–1968 J. E. White A. W. Musgrave (1st)

K. L. Cook

James Divelbiss Carl H. Savit
1966–1967 Neal J. Smith W. Harry Mayne (1st)

Robert C. Stone

Jack M. Desmond Robert Van Nostrand
1965–1966 Robert C. Kendall Paul Farren (1st)

Charles C. Bates

D. R. Dobyns Robert Van Nostrand
1964–1965 Hugh M. Thralls Henry F. Dunlap (1st)

J. E. White

Richard A. Baile F. A. Van Melle
1963–1964 Norman J. Christie Flint H. Agee (1st)

Lynn D. Ervin

Craig Ferris F. A. Van Melle
1962–1963 John C. Hollister Jackson S. Young (1st)

Robert R. Thompson

John A. Lester Robert B. Rice
1961–1962 Lawrence Y. Faust Milton B. Dobrin (1st)

Stanley H. Ward

R. M. Pinson Robert B. Rice
1960–1961 J. P. Woods John C. Hollister (1st)

Robert C. Kendall

Francis A. Hale Nelson C. Steenland
1959–1960 T. O. Hall Frank Searcy (1st)

Dean Walling

Phil Gaby Nelson C. Steenland
1958–1959 E. V. McCollum W. M. Erdahl Robert Dyk Lawrence Y. Faust
1957–1958 O. C. Clifford Jr. B. F. Rummerfield H. E. Itten Lawrence Y. Faust
1956–1957 Roy F. Bennett J. P. Woods John C. Hollister Norman H. Ricker
1955–1956 R. C. Dunlap Jr. Dave P. Carlton G. A. Grimm Norman H. Ricker
1954–1955 Paul L. Lyons Roy F. Bennett Hugh M. Thralls Milton B. Dobrin
1953–1954 Roy L. Lay Karl Dyk Bart W. Sorge Milton B. Dobrin
1952–1953 Curtis H. Johnson Roy L. Lay Carl L. Bryan Paul L. Lyons
1951–1952 Sigmund I. Hammer Curtis H. Johnson R. C. Dunlap Jr. Paul L. Lyons
1950–1951 G. E. Wagoner Sigmund I. Hammer F. F. Campbell Richard A. Geyer
1949–1950 Andrew Gilmour G. E. Wagoner Kenneth E. Burg Richard A. Geyer
1948–1949 L. L. Nettleton Andrew Gilmour E. V. McCollum M. K. Hubbert
1947–1948 Cecil H. Green L. L. Nettleton T. A. Manhart M. K. Hubbert
1946–1947 J. J. Jakosky Cecil H. Green G. E. Wagoner L. L. Nettleton
1945–1946 Henry C. Cortes J. J. Jakosky Cecil H. Green L. L. Nettleton
1944–1945 W. M. Rust Jr. Henry C. Cortes W. Harlan Taylor Joseph A. Sharpe
1943–1944 R. D. Wyckoff W. M. Rust Jr.  Hart Brown Joseph A. Sharpe
1942–1943 F. Goldstone R. D. Wyckoff T. I. Harkins Joseph A. Sharpe
1941–1942 H. B. Peacock F. Goldstone W. M. Rust Jr. R. D. Wyckoff
1940–1941 W. T. Born H. B. Peacock Andrew Gilmour R. D. Wyckoff
1939–1940 E. A. Eckhardt W. T. Born John H. Crowell R. D. Wyckoff
1938–1939 F. M. Kannenstine W. T. Born H. B. Peacock M. M. Slotnick
1937–1938 J. C. Karcher F. M. Kannenstine M. Elisabeth Stiles M. M. Slotnick
1936–1937 L. W. Blau G. H. Westby John H. Wilson F. M. Kannenstine
1935–1936 B. B. Weatherby L. W. Blau G. H. Westby F. M. Kannenstine
1934–1935 E. E. Rosaire F. Goldstone Bela Hubbard B. B. Weatherby
1933–1934 E. McDermott J. P. Schumacher John F. Weinzierl L. W. Blau
1932–1933 Paul Weaver G. H. Westby John F. Weinzierl L. W. Blau
1931–1932 Donald C. Barton G. H. Westby John F. Weinzierl Paul Weaver
1930–1931 Donald C. Barton E. E. Rosaire John F. Weinzierl