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The Student Chapter of SEG in IIT Bombay aims to give opportunities to enhance the study of Applied Geophysics and to bring together like-minded students who aspire to be the leaders in the field of Geosciences. At SEG IITB Student Chapter we organise multiple events throughout the academic year. These events range from seminars by experts from academics and industry, conferences by researchers, workshops on current methods and technologies being used in industry and quizzes related to Geosciences.

Events in session 2018-19

SEG Honorary Lecture by Subhashis Mallick
SEG Honorary Lecture on Jan 10, 2019 by Prof. Subhashis Mallick, University of Wyoming

SEG Honorary lecture on "Reservoir Characterization of the next Generation"

Speaker - Prof. Subhashis Mallick of Department of Geology and Geophysics ,University Of Wyoming,Laramie,Wyoming,U.S.A. Prof. Mallick joined the academia in 2008 with several years of experience in application of full waveform seismic modelling and inversion methods in oil and gas industries. He was the Associate Editor of GEOPHYSICS during 1993-1994. With several research papers in his name his current research interests include seismic anisotropy,seismic modelling,inversion,solving multi-physics optimization problems using machine learning and its applications in reservoir characterization.

Date and Venue - 10th January,2019 ; Seminar Room ,Earth Science Department,IITB

Overview - Future advancements in subsurface characterization will require a superior integration of the multi-physics problems through modern artificial intelligence techniques and advanced statistical methods than the existing ones.The visco-elastic models from selected locations must be used to train a machine-learning system for predicting the visco-elastic models and the lithological and fluid properties directly from seismic data . Combining advanced geophysics,rock physics,machine learning tools with the reservoir simulation tools into an integrated framework for predicting the dynamic properties of the subsurface fluids and stress-fields would enable developing the reservoir characterization for the next generation.

Field visit to Ambaji basin, Gujarat

The Geophysicists of M. Sc. first year of IIT Bombay participated in a 8-day geological field visit to Ambaji basin, Gujarat between 28th Nov, 2018 to 6th Dec, 2018 under the guidance of Dr. Prabhakar Naraga of Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Bombay. Ambaji lies in the graben in South Delhi Fold Belt in Aravalli craton and igneous and meta-sedimentary rocks are found here.The visit was aimed at in-field identification of rocks and study of the structural geology of the region .The participants were additionally taught to handle Clinometer and Brunton compass, to find present location on the toposheet and to take measurements of the attitude of foliations and lineations. A day wise description of visit follows as:

Day 1 and 2: Handling the Clinometer and Brunton compass and locating oneself on the toposheet for the region (toposheet no - 45 D/15) using the back bearing method

Day 3: Visit to Koteshwar Mahadev

Day 4: Visit to Soorpagla Shear Zone

Day 5: visit to Taleti region

Day 6: Visit to AMBAJI-DERI mines

Day 7 and 8: Visit to Mt. Abu and Gabbar Hills

AEG Conference 2018, IIT Bombay

The conference was held as a three-day event between Nov. 1, 2018 - Nov 3, 2018, inviting geoscientists from all around India and Guest lectures from many of the renowned companies and institutes as well as from abroad. The three day meet had a large coverage of topics related to different fields of geosciences, currently active methodologies and important advancements needed in present technologies related to the field.

The event was held at Victor Menezes Convention Centre (VMCC) Hall, IIT Bombay main campus. The lectures for the conference were arranged without an overlapping in the schedule from 0900 IST onwards to 1930 IST with decent gaps for refreshments and lunch.

A talk in progress at VMCC Hall, during AEG-2018 Conference, IIT- Bombay
A talk in progress at VMCC Hall, during AEG-2018 Conference, IIT- Bombay
Exhibition during 3rd day of conference
Exhibition for school students during 3rd day of conference at AEG- 2018 Conference
Rock, Minerals and Fossils samples exhibited by Geological Survey of India (GSI), at AEG-2018, IIT Bombay
Rock, Minerals and Fossils samples exhibited by Geological Survey of India (GSI), at AEG-2018, IIT Bombay

The schedule for Day 2

There were further more guest lectures and Poster Presentation were held in which researchers from all around India have participated and made the event a huge success.

The schedule for Day 3 and the Valedictorian Ceremony

The day started with students visiting the exhibition held at the VMCC hall corridor, where various companies were providing information about their products and services in the field of geosciences, and also few international organisations related to geosciences, like SPE, were present for the exhibition aiming to inspire young minds towards the career options in the study of Earth Sciences.

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Dr Malleshwar Yenugu lecture
The lecture in progress by Dr. Malleshwar Yenugu lecture at Department of Earth Sciences, IIT Bombay

SEG Guest lecture on "Unconventional shale reservoir characterization"

Instructors -

  • Dr. Malleswar Yenugu

Date and Time- 06th Aug 2018

Venue- Room No. 113 Seminar Room, Department of Earth Sciences

Past Events (2017-18 and before)

SEG workshop on "Seismic Data Processing"

Instructors -

  • DR. C V Rao

Date and Time- 04th April 2018

Venue- Room No. 113 Seminar Room, Department of Earth Sciences

SEG workshop on "Acquisition, Processing and Interpretation(API)"

Instructors -

  • Dr. D.V.R Murti, Former G.M. ONGC
  • Dr. J.V.S.S.N Murty, Former G.M. ONGC

Date and Time- 7th August 2017

Venue- Room No. 113 Seminar Room, Earth Sciences Department

SEG Seminar on "Exploration Challenges"

  • Speaker- Goutam Ghosh (Vice President, Exploration at British Gas Group)
  • Date and Time- 8th August 2016
  • Venue- Room No. 113 Seminar Room, Earth Sciences Department

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Contact Information

Position Name E-mail id
Faculty Advisor Prof. G. Mohan [email protected]
President Vishnu Kant Verma [email protected]
Vice-President Sandeep Suresh Singh [email protected]
Treasurer Abhhijeet Tripathy [email protected]
Secretary Prakhar Agarwal [email protected]
Executive Member Megha Chakraborty [email protected]
Executive Member Aman Jaiswal [email protected]
Executive Member Ankur Kumar [email protected]
Executive Member Lalit Chauhan [email protected]

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