Robert Dunlapp

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Robert Dunlapp
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President year 1955

Robert C. Dunlap served as the 1955-1956 SEG President

Biography for SEG Presidential Candidacy [1]

Robert C. Dunlap, Jr., was graduated from Southern Methodist University in 1933 with a B.S. and Honors in Geology, and took postgraduate work in geology and geophysics at Harvard University in 1933-1934.

In July, 1934 he was employed by Geophysical Service Inc., as a computer and was promoted to party chief in 1937. In 1943 he became a field supervisor and in 1949 was made vice-president in charge of the Pacific Coast Division of the company. He has worked in the Gulf Coast, mid-Continent, Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast areas. At present he is located in Dallas, Texas, as vice-president of domestic operations.

Mr. Dunlap is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. He has served the SEG as secretary treasurer of the Pacific Coast Section in 1947-1948; president of the Pacific Coast Section in 1948-1949; a member of the Standing Committee on Distinguished Lectures in 1949-1950; secretary treasurer of the Society in 1951-1952; chairman, Standing Committee on public Relations, 1953 to present; and general chairman, Midwestern Regional Meeting in Dallas, 1954. Currently, he is president of the Dallas Geophysical Society.


  1. Geophysics, Vol. XX, No. 2, April 1955.

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