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Richard Schneider
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Membership Life Member

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

Contributed by William E. Laing

Life membership may be conferred on persons who have voluntarily rendered exceptionally meritorious service to the Society which, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, warrants recognition. Dick Schneider is such a person. He studied engineering and science at Case Institute of Technology and Geology at Western Reserve University, receiving his BS degree in 1952. He worked for Petty Geophysical until joining Conoco in 1956. After retirement from Conoco, in 1985, he established Schneider Strata Science Inc, in Oklahoma City as an independent consulting service in all phases of petroleum and mineral exploration.

Dick joined SEG as an active member in 1963 and he became active in the true meaning of the word, and this award. His involvement with the SEG includes his participation as a member of the Public Affairs Committee; Membership Committee, a nine-year term as a member of the Scholarship Committee and Scholarship Trustees, and as chairman of the Scholarship Committee and Scholarship Trustees. He was Secretary-Treasurer of the SEG in 1977-78 and served as Technical Program Committee Chairman for the 1977 SEG Midwest Meeting. He was President of the Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City in 1976 and has presented papers at SEG's Annual International meetings and regional meetings. He has spoken before many local geophysical societies as well as the AAPG, SPWLA, and their local societies. He continues to serve the SEG in several of these areas. Dick Schneider is an active member who really has the SEG in his heart.

Memories of Dick Schneider

Gene Sparkman

I have known Dick Schneider since the 1970’s as he has been a major foundation for the GSOC. Dick’s support and encouragement played a major role in my SEG volunteer involvement starting with his getting me on the SEG Scholarship Committee.

Bob Springman

Dick has always been the biggest supporter of whatever the GSOC has had to offer its members - from the meetings, through the continuing education to the golf tournaments. Dick has been my idol and mentor since the first time we met in the late 70's.

Alan Markell

I have had the pleasure of knowing Dick Schneider since around 1980. I worked around him as a geophysicist and he introduced me to Toastmasters. Dick always goes the extra mile to be helpful and supportive. His character is beyond reproach.

Tom Langston

I joined the GSOC over 25 years ago after transferring to Oklahoma City with OXY USA. Dick Schneider was very welcoming to me as he was to every young up-and-comer that he met. Not only did he take an interest in me professionally, he got to know me personally and found out that I was a passionate archery hunter and spent a fair amount of time sitting in a tree in the fall bow hunting whitetail deer. While I moved to Dallas in 1992 with Geotrace Technologies, I’ve still remained connected to GSOC and several members over the years and have visited with Dick fairly regularly at conventions and meetings. Dick always asks me if I’m still bow hunting these days (indeed I am) and is always genuinely interested in how I am getting along. For decades, I have seen him engage other people like this as well. Dick is a true inspiration regarding relationship building and showing us how important this is. I am honored to know Dick Schneider and have been enriched with his guidance and the example that he has provided over these many years.

John Hooper

I met Dick when I interviewed with Conoco in 1977. I was trying to decide if I wanted to move from mining geophysics to oil & gas. We discussed seismic refraction methods I was using for my thesis and a bit of his experiences with the method around salt domes. He and a couple of others convinced me that I could learn to sue more sophisticated technology at Conoco than in mining applications. That was probably the best career advice I’ve received. Dick’s support for GSOC predates my involvement by years. He most definitely deserves this lifetime achievement award for his years of dedicated service.

Homer Nicholson

I remember when Dick Schneider worked in Geophysics Seismic Processing in Ponca City. Don't remember the years but guess it was in the 70s. I always enjoyed working with Dick and his gentle way. He was always professionally dressed with a white shirt and tie and was an active member of Toastmasters club.

Homer Nicholson, Mayor, Ponca City; Former Conoco employee

John Queen

I first met him when he went to the field with our R&D crew up to Burns, Kansas back in 1982. Sad news indeed.

John Queen, Former Conoco employee

Joe Segobia

I met Dick when I first started 34 years ago. He was always kind to me and always wanted to teach and share. Please let me know if there is going to be a service that friends and colleagues may attend and when. My mother passed away almost a year ago from today so can imagine his family must be very saddened.

Joe Segobia, Seitel

Bob Wykoff

I served with Dick on several SEG Committees always recognizing his keen contributions to tasks at hand. Dick was a Trustee Associate under the SEG Foundation. I enjoyed, during my Conoco career, working on seismic programs for the Conoco OKC Division. Dick was a true exploration Doodlebugger and mentor for many new hires. Hope this helps fill a few gaps. Thanks for letting me know of his passing this past Wednesday.