René-Eduoard Plessix

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René-Eduoard Plessix
Rene-Eduoard Plessix headshot.png
Latest company Shell International E&P
BSc Civil Engineering
PhD Civil Engineering
BSc university École Nationale Supérieure de Mines de Saint-Etienne
PhD university Université Paris-Dauphine

Biography 2004[1]

René-Édouard Plessix received a civil engineer diploma (1992) from École Nationale Supérieure de Mines de Saint-Etienne and a Ph.D. from the Université Paris-Dauphine. After postdoctoral study at INRIA (French research institute in computer science) and Amoco, he joined Shell International E&P in 1998. His work focuses on wave-propagation modeling and parameter estimation. His interests include modeling, velocity analysis, migration/inversion, wave propagation, and numerical analysis. He is a member of SEG and EAGE.


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