Recording System 18 Amplifiers

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Item Recording System 18 Amplifiers
Item code
Manufacturer Geophysical Machine Works
Circa 1943
Donor James D. Fann
Location North Harris College
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH334

In 1905 L.P. Garret first conceived the idea of using seismic refraction surveys in prospecting for salt domes. In 1925 he developed the fan-shoot for delineating salt domes in the Gulf Coast. Geophysical Research Corporation E. DeGolyer witnessed a demonstration of the refraction seismograph in Mexico. In 1922 DeGolyer brought an Eotvos torsion balance crew and German refraction party into the United States. In 1926 DeGolyer's Geophysical Research Corporation as the first to obtain seismic reflections from caprock working on the Nash Dome. In 1927 a Geophysical Research Corporation (G.R.C.) refraction crew discovered the Calcasieu Lake salt dome. This was the first discovery of a salt dome by a water survey. Two GRC crews discovered eleven salt domes in nine months for Louisiana Land and Exploration Company. DeGolyer's Geophysical Research Corporation introduced a newly developed reflection seismograph in the Seminole area of Oklahoma. The first reflection seismograph discovery in Oklahoma was drilled by Gypsy Oil Company based on seismic reflection mapping by GRC.