Paper seismic record from Antarctica

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Item Paper seismic record from Antarctica
Item code
Description Seismic Record from Admiral Byrd's 2nd Little America Expedition. SSC designed and built the recording instruments (see Admiral Byrd.DOCX)
Manufacturer SSC
Circa 1933
Donor Greg Finn
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH861

Seismic Measurements on the Ross Shelf Ice in Antarctica, SSC in 1933. Because of the passivity of using seismic equipment in the location of coastal outline beneath the surface of the Antarctic ice - and for the purpose of making a detailed study of the little understood Ross Shelf Ice - a specially designed seismograph was included in the scientific equipment of the Byrd Antarctic Expedition II, 1933 - 1935. One hundred and twenty two stations were occupied in the general area of the Bay of Whales. From these stations it was possible to determine the thickness of ice, tell whether it was floating or resting on the bottom; if floating, what the depth of the water was; and something about the stratification of the bottom.