Paolo Bergamo

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Paolo Bergamo
Paulo Bergamo headshot.png
MSc Environmental Engineering
PhD Environmental Engineering
MSc university Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy
PhD university Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy

Paolo Bergamo received an M.Sc. (2008) in environmental engineering from the Politecnico di Torino. Since 2009, he has been a Ph.D. student in the Land and Water Management Department at the Politecnico di Torino. He is the author of 12 scientific publications and in 2008 was the recipient of the Gustavo Sclocchi Award. His research interests include seismic surface waves mixing traditional applications and novel processing techniques.

Honorable Mention (Geophysics) 2012

Paolo Bergamo, Daniele Boiero, and Laura Valentina Socco share Honorable Mention in the search of Best Paper in Geophysics for 2012. [1]


  1. Bergamo, P., Boiero, D., and Socco, L. (2012). "Retrieving 2D structures from surface-wave data by means of space-varying spatial windowing.” GEOPHYSICS, 77(4), EN39–EN51[1]