Panorama of Petroleum

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Item Panorama of Petroleum
Item code
Description Mural of Oilfield Activity
Circa 1966
Location HGC
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG5085

In 1967, “Panorama of Petroleum,” a 56-foot mural by Delbert Jackson, welcomed thousands of visitors to a museum on the National Mall.Late 1960s visitors to the exhibit hall – in what became part of the National Museum of American History in 1980 – were greeted by a giant 13-foot-by-56-foot mural painted by Delbert Jackson (1915-1982), a renowned Tulsa artist. Jackson spent two years creating the painting, which portrays oil exploration, production, refining, and delivery. His “Panorama of Petroleum” featured the faces of 22 Tulsa oilmen (each individual can be identified; a 23rd is the artist himself). For museum visitors, the mural served as a guide to the equipment contents of the museum’s petroleum exhibits. Today the artwork is on permanent display at Tulsa International Airport. (restored in 1998). When the Hall of Petroleum exhibit closed, the mural was put into storage  for three decades. The city of Tulsa recovered “Panorama of Petroleum,” thanks to its Gilcrease Museum, and in 1998 the mural is restored and installed at the Tulsa International Airport.

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