Norman Crook

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Norman Crook
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President year 1978

T. Norman Crook served as the 1978-1979 SEG President.

Biography for SEG President Elect Candidacy[1]

T. Norman Crook, candidate for President, has been a member of SEG for 27 years. He served as First Vice President of SEG for 1976-77. He served a Chairman of bot the SEG Foundation Trustees and the Foundation Scholarship Committee. He has also served on the SEG Committee on Magnetic Recording Standards. He is affiliated with the Geophysical Society of Houston and was Chariman of their Student Education Committee. He is a member of AAPG and IEEE, and is a registered professional engineer in Texas.

Crook is now manager of the Stratigraphic Exploration Division of Exxon Production Research Co. He joined Humble in 1949 and spent his first five years in seismic field operations. Transferring to Humble's Research Center in Houston in 1954, he helped introduce magnetic tape recording and analog processing into operations. In 1959 hewas placed in charge of a research group that developed Humble's first digital recording and processing system. He joined Exxon Production Research Co. when it was formed in 1964, and became manager of the Basic Geophysics Division in 1967. In 1968, he transferred back to exploration operations where he served as assistant division geophysicist of the Eastern Marine Division and division geophysicist of the Gulf Coast Division.

He published a number of technical papers in company and industrial journals. He holds six U. S. patents covering devices and techniques used in exploration geophysics.

Crook's academic background includes a B. S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A & M University. He also received a B. S. Degree in geology from the Unviersity of Houston in 1961.


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