Norman Christie

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Norman Christie
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President year 1963

Norman J. Christie was a Canadian geophysicist who worked in various areas of the petroleum industry. He was the first non-US president of Teledyne Exploration Ltd serving from 1967 to 1979. He was the 1963 SEG President.

Biography for President-elect Candidacy[1]

Norman J. Christie, candidate for President, was born August 1, 1914, Regina, Canada, and attended public school in Calgary and Winnipeg. He left Canada in 1931 to attend the Colorado School of Mines on a scholarship and graduated in 1935 with Geological Engineering degree (geophysical major). He returned to Canada with Heiland Exploration as a Computer and Canadian Western Natural Gas Co. as Junior Geologist in Calgary. Mr. Christie joined Seismograph Service Corp. January 1936, working in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana and left the same year for California as Computer on unite Geophysical Co.?s first crew. He was Party Chief with United 1937-41; Supervisor 1941-46 in California, Canada, Texas, and Oklahoma with the exception of one year on a seismic crew in England during World War II. Mr. Christie was based in Tulsa as Area Manager for United's mid-continent operations 1946-50. He returned to Canada in April 1950 as President and principal owner of Exploration Consultants, Inc. in Calgary.

Mr. Christie is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Sigma Gamma Epsilon Honorary Fraternities. He also is a member of SEG, AAPG, CSEG, ASPG, AGI, EAEG, and the Assoc. of Prof. Eng. of Alberta.

Mr. Christie was Vice-President of the Tulsa Geophysical Society in 1949-50 and President of CSEG in 1952. He served on the Case Histories Committee Vol. II-1954-55, and was the CSEG District Representative to SEG in 1959-61. Mr. Christie was Chairman of the 32nd International SEG Meeting, Calgary, 1962 and is presently a member of the SEG-AAPG Cooperation Committee 1962-63.


  1. Geophysics, Vol. XXVIII, No. 2, April 1963

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