Non-open seismic data

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This is a place to list seismic data that are not open, but are useful, integrated datasets that researchers might like to know about. And maybe there's a chance we can convince the rights holders to release them under less restrictive license terms.


A multi-component land 3D, 8.5 km2 in area, complete with field data and observer's notes, and a low-frequency dataset, and a 3C-3D VSP, from the Blackfoot property, Alberta, Canada. Created and maintained by CREWES. The dataset used to be available from the SEG Bookstore, but apparently no longer. It is not an open dataset, however. It carries restrictive license terms from the University of Calgary, who owns the data.


This dataset is the demo data in Petrel. Read the SEG Foundation News about the launch of IQ Earth: [1], though the terms and timing of this deal are unclear.

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