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Near-surface applications are increasing in number and societal value. SEG’s Near-Surface Geophysics Technical Section is dedicated to advancing applied geophysics in the near surface that benefits society and the environment. Sharing and communication of theoretical advances, technology developments, and best practices are essential for the advancement and effective application of geophysics. The SEG Virtual Near-Surface Global Lecturer, formerly the Near-Surface Honorary Lecturer, provides online lectures on topics in near-surface geophysics.

All past Near-Surface Global Lecturers are listed. A summary of the lecture is included on the lecturer's biography page along with a link to a recording of the lecture, if available.

Virtual Near-Surface Global Lecturer

  • 2023 Anja KlotzscheUnlocking the potential of GPR for subsurface characterization by using full-waveform inversion
  • 2022 Susan HubbardA watershed moment for critical zone geophysics
  • 2021 John BradfordTaking the power of exploration geophysics from the oil patch to help solve the world’s grand challenges
  • 2020 Estella A. AtekwanaBiogeophysics: Exploring Earth’s subsurface biosphere using geophysical approaches
  • 2019 Rosemary KnightAdvancing the use of geophysical methods for sustainable groundwater management
  • 2018 Esben AukenExploiting the huge advancements in EM instrumentation for full 3D large-scale resolution of the subsurface

Near-Surface Honorary Lecturer

  • 2015 Hansruedi MaurerThe curse of dimensionality in exploring the subsurface
  • 2014 Koichi HayashiIntegrated geophysical methods applied to geotechnical and geohazard engineering: From qualitative to quantitative analysis and interpretation
  • 2013 Valentina SoccoSurface wave analysis for near-surface characterization: Introduction, theme and variations
  • 2012 Rick MillerNear-surface seismic: More than a problem of scale