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Neal Smith
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President year 1966

Neal J. Smith served as the 1966-1967 SEG President.

Biography for SEG President Elect Candidacy

Geophysics Vol. XXXI, No.2, April 1966

Neal J. Smith, candidate for President, was born in Newman, California on December 6, 1912. He attended the University of California, Berkeley, receiving a Master?s degree in Geological Sciences in 1936. He worked briefly for Shell on a seismic party in the San Joaquin Valley, then resigned to accept employment with the Standard Oil Company of California. He has been with one or another of the SOCAL Companies since that time, always in geophysical capacities except for a tour as Chief Evaluations Geologist for The California Company.

He joined Chevron-Geophysical in 1953 on its formation as a geophysical company for the SOCAL Group. He is presently a Vice-President of that company. In addition, he functions directly for Standard of California as Coordinating Geophysicist for operating subsidiaries and as liaison representative with Chevron Research Corporation in matters relating to exploration.

His experience in seismic and gravity operations and interpretation covers most of the active parts of the U.S. though generally concentrated in the Mid-continent and the Gulf Coast. As Superintendent of Geophysics for The California Company in the middle 40?s he promoted techniques for working the Gulf of Mexico, then a frontier.

He has published in Geophysics and occasionally in trade journals. He holds several geophysical patents. As a member of the API Petroleum Exchange Delegation to the USSR in August of 1960, he visited oil fields, refineries and research institutes in that country and coordinated compilation of the production and research sections of the delegation?s report.

Mr. Smith serves as a consultant to NASA in connection with Apollo Lunar Programs. In this capacity he attended the Geophysics Working Group Summer Conference at Woods Hole, Massachusetts last July.

In addition to SEG, he is a member of the AAPG, the Seismological Society of America and the National Research Council. He has served on various SEG committees in the past and is presently Chairman of the Geophysical Activities Committee. He is a member of the Geophysical Society of Houston and is presently a district representative for that Society.

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