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An informal and opinionated list of articles, papers, books, blogs, that all exploration and reservoir geophysicists should read, as curated by Online Committee chair Matt Hall. This page originates from SubSurfWiki. The list is highly subjective and is a work in progress. It may be best to favor more useful, readable treatments over earlier, more original ones. The list should probably not be longer than about 100 papers, but please add additional articles and books.

Please include a permalink when you can. To get a permalink to the resource, use the {{DOI}} template like this example: {{doi|10.1190/1.1440994}}. You can usually find the DOI on the print copy or on the publisher's website.





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  • White R, and R Simm (2003). Tutorial: Good practice in well ties. First Break 21 (10), p 75–83. Available online.

Perhaps less basic, but must-read all the same:

  • Cartwright, J, M Huuse & A Aplin (2007), Seal bypass systems. AAPG Bulletin 91 (8), p 1141–1166,
  • Partyka, G, J Gridley & J Lopez (1999), Interpretational applications of spectral decomposition in reservoir characterization. The Leading Edge 18, March 1999, p 353–360, Cited 196 times.
  • Stewart, S (1999), Seismic interpretation of circular geological structures. Petroleum Geoscience 5, p 273–285.


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