Michael Cox

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Michael Cox
President year 1970
Membership Life Member
BSc physics
MSc geophysics
BSc university University of Birmingham
MSc university University of Birmingham

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

Contributed by Marion R. Bone

Mike, a man who possesses enough knowledge and experience on statics to write a book, one day in 1988 accepted that challenge, and the book will soon be a part of SEG's Geophysical Reference Series. What was thought, in 1989, to be a maximum two- to three-year undertaking has evolved into a major effort spanning the last eight years and has produced a significant in-depth set of reference material (nearly 700 pages) that will serve geophysicists into the future.

Mike received a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in geophysics from the University of Birmingham. After initial service with the British Antarctic Survey, he joined Geophysical Service International (GSI) in 1964, working in Libya, Iran, USA, and the UK. Most of this time was spent as a senior technical specialist with supervisory responsibilities, including four years in software development. Mike joined British Petroleum in 1981 where he held various posts including manager of exploration training and manager of geophysical operations for the frontiers and international divisions of BP Exploration. In 1992 he became an independent consultant.

A member of SEG since 1965, Mike is also active in the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain and is a past president and honorary member of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE).

In parallel to his many contributions to EAGE, Mike has been very active in SEG through his efforts on various committees. One special effort was to define a way to achieve a smooth interaction between the two societies. In 1992 Mike and Ken Larner had many discussions about the need to implement guidelines to promote more professional interaction since both of them feel that our industry would be better served if the two societies worked together.

Their ultimate solution was a workshop involving the executive committees from both organizations that would address topics such as membership, international conventions, and continuing education. With Mike as co-chairman, the first workshop took place in 1993 at the end of SEG's Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. From that first meeting came the initial building blocks for ongoing joint sponsorship of key projects in future years. As a recently elected District Representative to the SEG Council, Mike can continue his lively dialog with individuals around the world who seek greater interaction between the societies.

Since entering the consulting arena (his real job), Mike has found time to lecture at the graduate level at several British universities and has conducted several in-depth geophysical seminars. His workload, however, will soon have a gap that may need to be filled once final editing is completed and his book is published.

Over these many years Mike has managed his professional responsibilities in harmony with his family. Married in 1964, Mike and his wife Gillian have three children and two grandchildren whom they greatly enjoy. Gillian manages to get a "sampling" of his free time to assist her in caring for their livestock, including a small flock of pedigree Jacob sheep.

The brief overview of Mike's contributions sheds only a little light on an individual who has selflessly given back an enormous amount of his time to his profession. In the near future, he may have enough spare time to go to his bookshelf and thumb through the pages of a book that reflects his most illustrious career.