Mesozoic Intrashelf Basins of the Middle East: Exploring and development for Conventional Reservoirs and Unconventional Source Rocks

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SEG/AAPG Workshop
SEG/AAPG Dubai 2015
Date 11-13 May 2015

Grosvenor House Hotel

Dubai, UAE

This workshop was targeted towards reviewing and assessing current and future approaches to improve the definition of the 3D earth model of intrashelf basins through sharing best practices and solutions to common exploration and development problems.


The Middle East Mesozoic intrashelf basins contain some of the largest oil and gas fields, with hydrocarbon resources supported by a world-class petroleum system and world-class reservoirs. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region itself, the production of oil and gas from conventional reservoirs associated with intrashelf basins has provided the world with an almost continuous supply of hydrocarbons for industry, with unconventional source rocks being viewed as a future resource potential.

The IEA's 2014 World Energy Outlook acknowledged that the Middle East is still the only large source of low-cost oil. Today, several challenges exist in finding the steady supply of oil and gas from the reservoir with geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and engineering receiving focus to introduce improved workflows and new technologies. The common theme is how to image and model the 3D subsurface of intrashelf basins to economically target, find, and produce untapped hydrocarbon resources from its combined clastic and carbonate systems.

Reasons for the constraints in finding and increasing oil and gas resources may stem from a lack of understanding of the 3D geological model, and integrated techniques to overcome any shortcomings. In the MENA region, approaches to integration require introduction of new techniques and workflows with sustained effort in application to address immediate challenges.

Improving subsurface imaging and modeling practices through integrated approaches remain the only option for targeting, finding, and replacing hydrocarbon resources.

Key Speakers

Hussain Otaibi - Saudi Aramco
Abdulrahman Alsharhan - Middle East Geological Establishment
Taiwen Chen - Kuwait Oil Company
Faeeza Katheri - ADCO
Subrata Chakraborty - Schlumberger

Organizing Committee


Stanley Wharton, Saudi Aramco
Abdulrahman Al Sharhan


Haya Al-Hashash, KOC
Jalal Khazanehdari, Schlumberger
Slobodan Stojic, Schlumberger
John Tinnin, Baker Hughes
Fernando Neves, ADNOC
Theresia Kuswardhany, Weatherford
Robert Chanpong, OXY

Workshop Topics

Regional geology, Seismic imaging & stratigraphy

  • Jurassic and Cretaceous Intrashelf Basin 3D Earth Models and Depositional Settings
  • Regional geology and palinspastic seismic reconstructions of clastic and carbonate depositional systems
  • Innovative imaging techniques for challenging areas
  • Interpretation of conventional and unconventional reservoir systems
  • Intrashelf Basin Margin Seismic Stratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy Models

Reservoir characterization, seismic attribute application & 3D geological Modeling

  • Reservoir Rock Properties Modeling – seismic attributes, rock physics and petrophysical analysis for improved reservoir understanding

Petroleum systems & Unconventional resources

  • Basin exploration and source rock models associated with petroleum systems
  • Source rock as unconventional reservoir
  • Trap Style and seals – Imaging low relief structures, unconformities/truncations and flank structures

Application and integration of new and improved technologies

  • State of the art in Seismic Imaging and Modeling including technologies for acquisition, processing and reprocessing
  • Integrating seismic and non-seismic methods


Saudi Aramco
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

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Mesozoic Intrashelf Basins of the Middle East: Exploring and development for Conventional Reservoirs and Unconventional Source Rocks
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