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Marion Bone
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President year 1992

Marion R. Bone is a geophysicist noted for his competence as a researcher, his pioneering work in 3D seismic, his leadership in industry, and his service to the geophysical community. He served as the 1992-1993 SEG President.

Biography for SEG President Elect Candidacy[1]

Marion R. Bone, candidate for President-Elect, has been an Active member of SEG since 1974. He is currently Series Editor fot the Geophysical Reference Series (1987-89) and served on the SEG Executive Committee as Vice-President in 1984-85. He was an instructor fot the original SEG Continuing Education Course on 3-D technology from 1979 to 1984 and was on the Arrangements Committee for the 44th Annual SEG Meeting in Dallas in 1974. He served the Dallas Geophysical Society as First Vice-President in 1981-82 and later as President and member of the Executive Committee during 1982-84. He was Chairman of the Technical Program for the 34th Annual Midwestern Exploration Meeting in Dallas in 1981.

His technical contributions at SEG began with a co-authored paper introducing the use of horizontal slices from processed data for interpretation of 2-D and 3-D seismic data. This paper was presented at the 45th Annual SEG Meeting in Denver in 1975. An expanded treatise, pusblished in Geophysics in 1983, received the "Best Paper in Geophysics" award. He has since presented papers on developments and practical uses (case his stories) of 3-D seismic techniques at society meetings convened at local, national, and international sites.

Marion is employed by BP Exploration Inc. in Houston (1981-present) as director of computing technology. He held previous positions as manager of the Geophysical Data Center and general manager of the Technical Data Center. He was formerly with Geophysical Service Inc. in Dallas (1962-81), holding successive positions involving geophysics. His civic and community services include Commissioner of Planning and Zoning(1981-82), City Councilman (1982-86), City Charter Commissioner(1986-87), and Charter Review member (1988-89) for Southlake, Texas. He actively participates in local school, community, and church-related programs.

Marion is also an Active member of the Dallas and Houston Geophysical Societies.

SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award 1983

M. R. Bone, B. F. Giles, and E. R. Tegland received the 1983 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Analysis of seismic data using horizontal cross-sections.[2]


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