Magnetometer Portable Field 2

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Item Magnetometer Portable Field
Item code
Description Opened (4 pc w drawings)
Manufacturer Ruska
Circa 1935
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number 26
Taxonomy GSH298C

HORIZONTAL SYSTEM, VERTICAL SYSTEM (GSH298C) INPUT TO WIKI Consists of tripod, orienting compass and instrument with system. The tripod serves to set up and level the instrument. Three pegs locate the compass on the tripod to orient the instrument in preparation for a survey. The instrument consists of a housing with bearing assembly, releasing slide, reading telescope, and magnet system. This magnet system rests with its sapphire knife-edge on cylin­drical quartz bearings when it is released in oper­ating position. When the instrument is clamped for transit, the system is lifted from the bearings and locked by means of the releasing slide against two supporting springs. Three pegs on the base of the housing locate the instrument in the same holes on the tripod which are used for the orienting com­pass. The deflections of the system are read on a scale in the auto collimating telescope. The outer insulating cover of the instrument protects the mechanism and system from sudden temperature variations.