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Hugh Miller
Hugh Miller Jr. headshot.png
PhD Pure Mathematics
PhD university University of Alabama

M. H. Miller and William S. French received the 1989 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Time slices from two-dimensional surveys.[1]

Biography 1989[2]

M. Hugh Miller, Jr. received his B.S. (1971), M.S. (1972), and Ph.D (1974) in pure mathematidcs from the University of Alabama with a research specialization in topology. After research and interpretation positions with both Texaco and Natomas, he joined Tenneco Oil Co. in 1981. At Tenneco, he served as both project leader of their interactive interpretation computer graphics system as well as division geophysicist for the Gulf Coast Division. Since early 1987, he has been project manager for Tenneco's Egypt/Middle East Exploration Group. His main interest lies in geological/geophysical interpretation. he is a member of SEG and AAPG, and is a past Associate Editor for Geophysics.


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