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Kevin Barry
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President year 1980

Kevin M. Barry served as the 1980-1981 SEG President.

Biography for SEG Presidential Candidacy [1]

Kevin M. Barry, candidate for President, has been an Active Member of SEG for 28 years. He served as Second Vice-President of the Society for 1976-77, as Chairman of the Technical Standards Committee, and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Tape Formats. He has also been an SEG representative to the Offshore Technology Conference and has participated in various Academic-Liaison Seminars sponsored by the Society.

In addition to SEG, Barry is an active member of EAEG, AAPG, and the Geophysical Society of Houston. He has been President, Vice-President, and Treasurer of the Houston society and Treasurer of the Geophysical Society of Oklahoma City.

Barry received the B.S. degree in geophysics from St. Louis University and the M.S. degree in mathematical statistics from Southern Methodist University. He has presented numerous papers at various international, regional, and local meetings and has published several papers including a contribution to the SEG?s Seismic Refraction Prospecting.

His professional career began with Gulf Research and Development Co. in 1950 where he held positions as geophysicist, party chief, and interpretation supervisor. His employment with Gulf was interrupted by service in the Signal Corps where he conducted seismic detection research. Upon joining Hunt Oil Co. in 1959, he worked in exploration planning, interpretation, and supervision of field and processing operations. He was employed by Teledyne Geotech in 1966 as senior geophysicist and served as Data Processing Branch manager and assistant manager of the Marine Science Division. Barry is currently vice-president and data processing manager for the Teledyne Exploration.


  1. Geophysics, Vol. 45, No. 6, June 1980.

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