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John Weinzierl
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Membership Charter Member
MSc university Oklahoma University

John F. Weinzierl (1900-1980) was a consulting geologist and geophysicist of Riverside, Texas. He was a founding member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicist and an pioneer in the application of the refraction seismic method.

Memorial [1]

by M. M. Weinzierl

John F. Weinzierl was born in McLoud, Oklahoma, then Indian Territory. He was a graduate of Oklahoma University with a master's degree in geology and earth science. He did postgraduate work in German at the University of Halle. He was a delegate to the 14h International Geological Congress in Madrid, Spain, in 1926, and delivered a paper to the Congress on the Application of the Torsion Balance.

Marland Oils

In 1923, while working as a geologist for the Marland Oil Company in Ponca City, Oklahoma, he was chosen to direct the first contract refraction seismograph party to operate in the United States. This was an exclusive contract signed by E. W. Marland and the eminent German geologist-geophysicist Ludger Mintrop who had received a United States patent for his development of this particular seismic process.

At the conclusion of this seismograph contract with surveyed parts of Oklahoma and the Gulf Coast of Texas and Lousiana, Weinzierl went to work for the North American Exploration Co. and had charge of torsion balance operation.

While employed at North American, Mr. Weinzierl married is first wife, geologist and paleontologist Laura Lee Lane. Laura Lee (Lane) Weinzierl worked with geologist/paleontologist Alexander Deussen who was vice-president at Marland, and conducted a micropaleontological laboratory at Marland Oils until Marland abandoned its operations in the Gulf Coast. She retained an office with the Deussen and continued to publish with him. Laura (Lane) Weinzierl worked as geological consultant until her unexpected death of an asthma attack in 1928.[2]

In 1927, John Weinzierl became a consultant and did exploration work in Mexico, Central America, and Cuba as well as extensive work in the Mid-Continent, Gulf Coast, and western areas of the United States.

Society of Exploration Geophysicists

John Weinzierl was a founding member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, maintaining continuous membership until his death. He served as secretary-treasurer for the organization the first 4 years of its existence. He was a member of the AAPG for more than 50 years (since 1922), a member of the Houston Geological Society and the Geophysical Society of Houston, and was a registered professional engineer in both Texas and Oklahoma.

He is survived by his (second) wife of 50 years, Mary Marrs Weinzierl; two sons, Alfred A. Weinzierl of Houston and Frederick M. Weinzeirl of Riverside, Texas; a daughter-in-law, Janet Wenzierl; and two grandchildren, Joanne and John Alfred Weinzeirl, all of Houston.


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