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Jean-Claude Grosset
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Membership Life Member

Jean-Claude Grosset was honored with Life Membership for his pivotal role in forging a mutually beneficial partnership between the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers. Building trust between organizations often depends on building trust between individuals, and Jean-Claude has been a crucial catalyst for establishing strong links between the leaderships of the two societies. He saw the benefits of working together to deliver services more effectively and efficiently on a global basis, and his leadership over many years has fostered cooperative arrangements that are of great value to the members of SEG and EAGE.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

Contributed by Ingebret Gausland

Jean-Claude Grosset is one of those who strongly believes in cooperation between societies, but with a ... clear profile for all involved. His professional career has taken him all over the world, giving him a unique insight in the functions of societies both local and international. This is the background for his effectiveness in bringing about the partnership between EAGE and SEG that today is recognized with Life Membership.

After receiving his MSc in geophysics from Paris University, Jean-Claude participated in the 1960 French Antarctic Expedition. He then went back to Paris to work for two years with the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) developing the seismic source Flexotir. In 1965 Jean-Claude joined CGG, and was first sent to Canada for land operations on the Arctic islands. Subsequent assignments for CGG included marketing at the Houston office, offshore manager in the Singapore and London offices, and starting the CGG London Processing Centre. In 1981 he was back in Houston as manager of processing. He returned to Paris in 1985 to direct CGG’s training center. He was appointed marketing manager in 1988, a position held up to his retirement in 1991.

Jean-Claude was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the European Association of Exploration Geophysicists in 1992, at a time of rapid changes in Europe. During this period, he was also a key player in the merger of EAEG and EAPG into EAGE, which started on 1 January 1995. He was elected the first Secretary-Treasurer of the new association. Cooperation between SEG and EAGE has improved significantly during the 1990s. A joint meeting between EAEG and SEG in Williamsburg in October 1993 was one of the key events that led to more coordinated and open dialogue between the two societies. A similar meeting was held in Talloires, France, in 1997. Jean-Claude contributed significantly to both sessions and has continued to bring forward the positive guidelines established at these important meetings. Of particular importance for EAGE and SEG are JeanClaude’s contacts in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. With his wife Svetlana as interpreter, he has been able to negotiate arrangements for meetings that resulted in win-win situations for all involved. His focus has been on local input to meetings—i.e., helping local geoscientists develop their own competence in organizing conferences and conventions. This has been an important factor for the success of the events, and eventually better understanding between all professionals. I am certain that JeanClaude has made an important contribution to the profession of geosciences in general by his work for improved regional understanding and respect. Although his work has involved frequent air travel, his hobby is still flying and interest in it remains keen. He holds a light aircraft pilot license and goes flying as often as he can.

Reviewing Jean-Claude’s many contributions to the cooperation between SEG and EAGE in a short page does not give full credit to his hard work and dedication in making sure that the professional societies prosper to the benefit of their members and all involved with geosciences. His continued efforts will certainly influence us all in a positive way.