James O'Connell

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James O'Connell
J. K. O'Connell headshot.png
Latest company Shell
Membership SEG
MSc Physics
MSc university Rice

James K. O'Connell, Madhu Kohli, and Scott Amos received the 1993 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award for their paper Bullwinkle: A unique 3D experiment.[1]

Biography 1993[2]

James K. O'Connell joined Shell in Houstons after received an M.A. in physics from Rice University in 1979. After an initial assignment as a geophysical programmer, he worked on marine acquisition and processing projects in support of Alaska lease sales. in 1984 he transferred to Shell's Bellaire Research Center and worked on 3-D processing and interactive interpretation projects. In 1986 he moved to Shell Offshore in New Orleans and led the 3-D processing effort for 3 years. Since 1989 he has been involved in seismic interpretation in support of offshore lease sales.


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