Isidore Zietz

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Isidore Zietz
Isidore Zietz headshot.png
Latest company Virginia University
Membership Sigma Xi,SEG
BSc Mathematics
MSc Mathematics
PhD Theoretical Physics
BSc university College of the City of New York
MSc university College of the City of New York
PhD university Catholic University of America

Biography 1955

Isidore Zietz was graduated with a B.S. degree in Mathematics in 1939 and a Masters degree in 1940 from the College of the City of New York. He is now fulfilling requirements for the Ph.D. in theoretical physics at the Catholic University of America. He was employed by the U. S. Geological Survey as a field topographic engineer in 1941 and has been working with the Survey since that time. He transferred to the Washington, D. C. office in 1942 as a geodetic engineer and served in the U. S. Army from 1944 to 1946 with the 30th Engineers Base Topographic Battalion doing geodetic and topographic work. Upon discharge from the Army, he returned to the U. S. Geological Survey as a geodetic engineer. In 1946 he transferred to the Geophysics Branch where he has been working for the most part on research in the interpretation of aeromagnetic data. He was a part-time instructor in mathematics at Catholic University from 1946 to 1950 and at Virginia University from June, 1955 to the present. Mr. Zietz is a member of Sigma Xi and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.