Irshad Mufti

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Irshad Mufti
Irshad Mufti headshot.png
Latest company Mobil
PhD Geophysics
PhD university Clauthal Techniche Universitat,Germany

Biography 1995 [1]

Irshad Mufti received a PhD in geophysics in 1966 from Clauthal Techniche Universitat in Germany. In 1970 he joined Amoco Research Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he stayed for about 10 years working on various research assignments dealing with seismic modeling, migration, filter theory, geoelectrics, gravity modeling, and borehole geophysics. In 1980 he joined Superior Oil in Houston and, with the company's merger with Mobil, he transferred to the main research lab in Dallas in 1985. His current interests are in the areas of 3-D seismic imaging, numerical techniques, and industrial computing. In 1989 he won the IEEE Gordon Bell prize for his work related to massively-parallel software development in seismic modeling.


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