Hugh Thralls

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Hugh Thralls
Hugh M. Thralls headshot.jpg
President year 1964
Membership Honorary Member

Hugh M. Thralls had a long and varied career in exploration geophysics and the petroleum industry. Mr. Thralls was the 1964-1965 SEG President. He was awarded Life Membership in SEG in 1980.

Biography for President-elect Candidacy[1]

Hugh M. Thralls, candidate for President, graduated from Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, Missouri, in 1928, received a B.S. degree in Physics from the University of Oklahoma in 1932, and an M.S. degree in Physics from the same school in 1934. His geophysical career started with the position of Computer on a Shell Oil Company seismograph crew in 1934. In 1936, he joined Seismograph Service Corporation, serving that company for more than eighteen years in the varying positions of Party Chief, Supervisor, Chief Geophysicist, and Vice-President. He resigned his position with Seismograph Service Corporation in 1955 and organized the contracting firm of Geo Prospectors, Inc. and the consulting firm of Thralls, Green and Perry. He still serves the latter firms as President and Senior Partner, respectively.

Mr. Thralls joined the SEG in 1938 and has served the Society as Secretary-Treasurer, Chairman of the Safety Committee, Chairman of the Business Office Committee, Chairman of the Membership Committee, a three year term as Trustee of the SEG Foundation, and currently is serving as a member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee. He is a charter member of the Geophysical Society of Tulsa and has served that group in various capacities including a term as President. He also has been an active member of the AAPG and the Tulsa Geological Society, as well as carrying memberships in other organizations in related field of geology and geophysics.


  1. Geophysics, Vol. XXIX, No.2, April 1964

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