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Huasheng Zheng
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Latest company BGP

SEG Life Membership Award 2018

Huasheng Zheng has served as vice chair of the SEG China Advisory Committee since 2007. He is an outstanding leader in the geophysical industry and has played a key role in the success of SEG activity in China. He increased SEG membership within his company (BGP) and promoted SEG training courses in China for more than 2000 professionals from major national oil companies, universities, and institutions.

Biography Citation for the 2018 SEG Life Membership Award [1]

By Jie Zhang, Alfred Liaw, Hong Liu, Xianhuai Zhu, Lee Bell, and Oz Yilmaz

Huasheng Zheng, the executive vice president of BGP, has served SEG since the opening of the China office 10 years ago. As vice chair of the SEG China Advisory Committee, he has made a tremendous effort to support the operation of SEG China and has helped organize many workshops, meetings, and SEG courses. In 2017, SEG China first achieved financial break-even during the industry downturn, and Huasheng deserves a lot of credit for his leadership and effort. Recently, Huasheng was appointed to the SEG Global Inc. Board of Directors, helping SEG design global development strategies. Under his leadership, BGP has strongly supported SEG over the last several years including SEG Annual Meetings and the SEG Foundation.

As vice chair of the SEG China Advisory Committee, Huasheng has been a major contributor to SEG's activities and programs as follows:

  • Guided and participated in the establishment of the SEG China office in 2008 and supported its operations
  • Organized eight SPG/SEG Beijing International Geophysical Conferences since 2005 and made the event one of the most influential geophysical conferences and expositions in the Asia Pacific region
  • Supported SEG on Demand — an e-learning program that provides access to learning anywhere at any time — while adding more Mandarin translations online for selected distinguished and honorary lectures
  • Encouraged BGP geophysicists to join SEG and increased SEG membership in BGP from 200 to 640
  • Promoted SEG training courses in China for more than 2000 professionals from major national oil companies, universities, and institutions
  • Served on the SEG China Advisory Committee and the Board of SEG Global Inc. in order to advise and promote SEG programs in China
  • Actively participated in SEG Annual Meetings with increased papers and booth size as well as sponsorship

Huasheng is an outstanding leader in the geophysical industry. He has played a key role in developing BGP from a China-based local geophysical service provider to an internationally known integrated geophysical provider for the oil and gas industry. He is one of BGP's pioneers for its international business development that began in 1994. From June 2005 as the president, then in 2010 as the vice president, and later as executive vice president in 2018, he led BGP overseas business to great success and established a client base of more than 200 oil companies that include major international oil companies and OPEC national oil companies.

We are pleased to prepare this citation for Huasheng's SEG Life Membership Award. He truly deserves the honor.




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