Henning Hoeber

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Henning Hoeber
Notable works Seismic Diffraction; Classical and Modern Diffraction Theory
Latest company CGG

Henning C. Hoeber has held various research positions with CGG since 1998 and is currently research manager for reservoir processing, based in London. He coordinates CGG’s development of processing and imaging technology for reservoir imaging and analysis. After earning degrees from Hamburg University and Edinburgh University, Hoeber became a research fellow at the John von Neumann Supercomputing Centre in Julich, Germany, where he continued his research on lattice gauge theory and quantum chromodynamics. He has contributed to various articles and short courses relating to time-lapse technology, signal processing, AVO, and seismic and GPR diffraction. A co-editor of Classics of Elastic Wave Theory, he also coauthored Compendium of Theoretical Physics. Hoeber is Associate Editor of Geophysical Prospecting and a member of EAGE and SEG.

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