Gyroscope Integrating GG49D17 (additional 2)

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Item Gyroscope Integrating GG49D17
Item code
Description Miniature Integrating Gyroscope (mig)
Manufacturer Honeywell
Circa 1980
Donor CGG Multiphysics
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number R-13"R" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value -13.
Taxonomy IMG6061A

The GG49 Miniature Integrating Gyro (MIG) is a precision, high performance device intended primarily for use in short term inertial and aided inertial systems, The MIG design is the successful result of intensive Honeywell development efforts to produce the "ideal" gyro of miniature size, having low drift characteristics, volume production capability, high reliability and high environmental capability, Incorporating a symmetrical wheel design, dual-syn signal-torqueing element, microvernier balance pan and simplified geometry with a minimum number of piece parts, the MIG truly represents an advanced state of development of the single-degree-of-freedom floated integrating gyro. More than 5000 gyros of the MIG family have been produced and have served or are serving in such diverse applications as the X-IS inertial navigator, Ranger attitude control, OGO flight control, Sergeant and ALRI platforms and Centaur inertial guidance. The success of these and numerous other programs using the GG49 attests to the proven capability and widespread acceptance of this gyro. The GG49P, an adaption of the GG49, is used in the Polaris Mark I guidance platform.