Gravity Map (FreeAir Grav Anomaly Field)

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Item Gravity Map (FreeAir Grav Anomaly Field)
Item code
Description Sample Oil
Manufacturer Integrated Geo
Donor Corine Prieto
Location HGC
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG5064

The Free-Air Gravity Anomaly Map is a compilation of the gravity field from various sources of gravity measurements. Specific corrections have been applied to adjust the initial measurements. The gravity anomaly field data shown have been referenced to sea-level. Source: Sandwell & Smith version 18.1 global digital gravity database has been compiled from land, marine and airborne gravity measurements mainly collected through high-precision radar altimeter satellite missions (Geosat 1985–1989, ERS-1 1991–1998, Topex/Poseidon 1992 2006, ERS-2 1995–present, GFO, 1998 present, Jason 1, 2001–present, ENVISAT 2002– present, and Jason 2 2008–present). Objective: The Free-Air Gravity Anomaly Field is composed of two components; a long wavelength related to deeper mantle sources and a short wavelength sourced by zones of geological interests. Therefore, the map is used as a regional tool to determine the flexure of the lithosphere. Oil & Gas exploration uses the map to determine crustal boundaries, fracture zones, continental shelf margins, and the structural framework of sedimentary basins.

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