Gilbert Ehlert

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Gilbert Ehlert
Gilbert W. Ehlert headshot.png
Latest company Magnolia Petroleum Company
Membership SEG
BSc Mechanical Engineering
BSc university University of Texas

Gilbert W. Ehlert received the 1958 SEG Best Paper in Geophysics Award with Albert W. Musgrave, and D. M. Nash, Jr. for their paper Directivity effect of elongated charges[1]

Biography 1958 [2]

Gilbert W. Ehlert, a native of Texas, entered the School of Engineering at the University of Texas in 1940.

There he completed two years of study before he joined the Signal Corps of the U. S. Army. In his tour of duty he served as a radio repairman, teletype operator, and instructor in teletype operation. After his discharge from the service he resumed his studies at the University of Texas, and 1948 he received the degree of B. S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Since his graduation he has been employed in the geophysical department of the Magnolia Petroleum Company. He is now a seismic party cheif doing experimental field work.

Mr. Ehlert is a member of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.


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