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Georgiy Gogonenkov
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Membership Life Member

Georgiy Gogonenkov was honored with SEG Life Membership for his contribution to Moscow ‘92, the historic first geophysical meeting and exposition between SEG and the Russian exploration geophysics community, and for his role in forming the Russian Section of SEG. Without Georgiy’s leadership and organizational support, neither of these significant milestones in the globalization of SEG would have taken place.

Biography Citation for SEG Life Membership

Contributed by A. S. Kashik

There are lucky people whose profession is their hobby. That describes Georgiy Gogonenkov— doctor of science; associate member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; and senior deputy general director, Central Geophysical Expedition (the main geophysical center under the Russian Ministry for Fuel and Energy). Although he has long ranked with the most prominent geophysicists in Russia (author of three monographs and 120 other publications, and holder of several patents), he retains a keen interest in his profession and will spend hours and hours studying seismic sections and geologic data, reading the latest publications, or ardently discussing possible directions along which geophysics should develop. He currently spearheads a team of researchers, mostly his former students, and is widely known among scholars and production experts in CIS countries as a scientific authority in hydrocarbon exploration.

After graduation with honors in 1960 from the Sverdlovsk City Mining Institute, Georgiy started working in the VolgaUral Division of VNIIGeofizika’s Research Institute. The major activity was designing and developing well logging methods and tools. Georgiy, however, had become interested in seismic exploration during his student days and immediately began seeking new ways to combine seismic exploration and well logging. While heading a team of young professionals, he was the first in the Soviet Union to develop software for generating synthetic seismograms and techniques for using them in seismic interpretation. He published a series of articles on multidimensional seismic filtering, iterative determination of layer velocities from CDP data, and multiple suppression.

In 1974 Georgiy was invited to join CGE. He played a major role in establishing regional computerized processing centers on the premises of geophysical companies in the USSR’s oil-producing regions. He oversaw development of data processing software and the training of hundreds of data processing engineers. By the 1980s, CGE-developed software had become the basic, universally accepted seismic data processing system in the USSR. It was also extensively used in Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, East Germany, Cuba, and India. For these substantial contributions to the development of geophysics in his country, Georgiy and his collaborators received the USSR State Prize, its highest award in science and technology. At this time he began to focus on creating methods and software to extract structural details of productive zones from seismic data. His scientific creativity of those years was summarized in his 1983 doctoral dissertation.

When the Iron Curtain that isolated the former USSR from the rest of the world was lifted in 1989, Georgiy became active in establishing contacts with western oilmen. He was one of those who initiated and actively participated in presentations by the USSR Oil Ministry in Houston and London in order to attract western oil companies to do business in USSR and later in Russia.

In late 1991 Georgiy was invited to meet with SEG representatives to discuss participation by Russian geophysicists in SEG activities and joint sponsorship of SEG conferences in Moscow. That meeting and the vigorous, hard, and team-spirited work that followed brought splendid results: SEG International Conferences and Expositions were held in Moscow in 1992, 1993, and 1995. Each was attended by more than 1000 professionals. Georgiy was a member of the organizing committee for all the key events in promoting professional and friendly ties among the geophysicists of different countries. Georgiy’s deep professional knowledge, erudition, even temper, and friendly attitude, along with his popularity and prestige in Russia and abroad enabled him to play an invaluable role in integrating Russia into the world’s scientific community and facilitating much broader international activity by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists.