Geophone UniQ Accelerometer

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Item Geophone UniQ Accelerometer
Item code
Description Geophone/Accelerometer, Recorder
Manufacturer Western/GECO
Donor Maurice Nessin
Serial number
Taxonomy IMG6045

Significant advantages of the GAC accelerometers over geophones are

1. Flat response over the seismic bandwidth if 3 – 200 Hz,

2. much smaller size and weight,

3. single sensor vs large geophone arrays,

4. 40 dB vector fidelity and 60 dB isolation of three components, and

5. Dynamic range of about 115 dB.

WesternGeco/Schlumberger GAC sensor is not actually MEMS. It is a traditional 18 Hz coil/mass based geophone with an electronic feedback loop that converts the response to acceleration and flattens the spectra. This sensor was originally developed by Schlumberger and used in their VSP tools. File:GSH IMG6045.jpg