Geophone SVSM VectorSeis

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Item Geophone SVSM VectorSeis?
Item code
Manufacturer Sensor
Donor ION/Sensor
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy S046

VectorSeis is the industry-leading multicomponent, digital sensor for capturing the full seismic wave field. Full-wave is particularly important for imaging complex subsurface structures such as fractured shales, tight sands, and other unconventional plays. Utilizing three independent orthogonally mounted MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) accelerometers, VectorSeis captures 3C seismic data while delivering the productivity advantages of single-point receiver deployment and retrieval. The new VectorSeis ML21/MT21 Digital Sensor has been enhanced with a reinforced mechanical housing, and a 60% stronger case to withstand operational and environmental wear and tear. The sealing structure has been field tested and modified to improve pressure distribution. A 17% improvement on power consumption is another achievement on the new design. VectorSeis ML21/MT21: 1. Offers shear wave recording which assists in providing measurement for rock properties, lithology and fluid identification, fracture detection and orientation, and structural imaging through gas clouds . 2. Enables better characterization and handling of near surface velocity variations that can be caused by marsh, permafrost, frozen ground conditions, desert hard pans, and wadis 3. Improves characterization of directionally dependent geologic variation (such as fractures) with single-point design and azimuthally insensitive deployment 4. Improves field operations and HSE performance by replacing geophone arrays with lighter single-point tilt insensitive receivers 5. Offers receivers that are fully compatible with INOVA’s G3i HD and Hawk land seismic acquisition systems 6. Provides flat phase and amplitude response improving well ties 7. Provides flat phase and amplitude response improving well ties. MT21 design supports marsh applications