Geophone EVS-2

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Item Geophone EVS-2
Item code
Description 32896 28
Manufacturer Electro-Tech Labs
Donor Tidelands Exploration
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy GSH252

The EVS's vital assembly consists of a coil suspended in the gap of a high flux permanent magnet assembly. It offers extremely rigid motion direction, and gives clean responses at high frequencies. Each EVS basic unit is equipped with an additional stabilizing "spider" A stabilizing rod, affixed firmly to the coil and spring assembly on one end, extends through the center of the magnet and "free floats" in the spider at the opposite end of the magnet assembly. Spring resonance, associated with unbalanced spring assemblies, and metastability, often characteristic of two spring systems, is not possible in the EVS-2. Both the main spring and the spider are etched from flat stock and properly heat treated to effect maximum fatigue resistance.