Geophone Display cabinet

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Item Geophone Display cabinet PE 3 and PE 6B etc.
Item code
Description Galperin Phone
Manufacturer Sensor
Circa 1980
Donor ION/Sensor
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number
Taxonomy S012

Glass display case with 5 Sensor geophone types with cut-a-way views. Land, Vertical, Horizontal. Marsh, Horizontal and vertical elements, and a 3 component geophone with the 3rd component being a geophone with a 57 degree tilt. This was known as Galperin effect. Evsei. I. Galperin was a Russian geophysicist whose theory on this tilt supposedly gave superior noise cancellation using a linear filtering mechanism. (1957) His first VSP profiles demonstrated it's usefulness to show the structure of seismic wave field including shear waves an polarization effects. This never became a useable product.