Geophone 65

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Item Geophone
Item code
Manufacturer Walker Hall Sears
Donor Charlie Klutts
Location Houston Geoscience Center
Serial number NMI-28"NMI" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value -28.
Taxonomy IMG2179
  1. 28, #29 and #30. Same basic units except that #30 is brass. Each top is stamped with the HALL-SEARS logo (Chevron around the letters H/S). Caps contain molded rubber packing glands with integral press-on contacts - no solder contacts. Each unit is stamped around the side in the same manner; 404409 20 U9 (#28), 134326 18 T7 (#29) with only 18-2 visible beneath the brass cap on #30. #29 has a bright red anodized cap and has been painted yellow.